We provide our teachers with a work visa and our students with a student visa. A prospective teacher will need to let us know the most suitable date of receiving the visa invitation as well as the Russian Embassy or Consulate nearest to the prospective teacher. Addresses and telephones of the Russian Embassies and Consulates can be found on Please keep in mind that getting an invitation usually takes about 30 days. All the expenses on the invitation arrangement are paid by British American Linguistic Centre.

Note: We order teachers invitations to the Russian Federation only if you have firmly decided to work for  British American Linguistic Centre . In case a teacher's invitation has been ordered and already sent out and a teacher has refused to work for  British American Linguistic Centre  he/she will have to reimburse the expenses.

The invitation will be sent to the teacher you via regular mail thus we need to know your current postal address. Both application process and getting a visa take about 6 weeks altogether, though it can fluctuate depending on Embassies/Consulates. The costs also differ: one day visa process is the most expensive and a longer period of time will be cheaper. Visa fees differ in different countries. This fee is paid by the teacher and there is no reimbursement for it.

When applying for visa one may be asked if provided with any medical insurance. We provide the medical insurance for the teacher upon arrival at school.

Embassies/Consulates in some countries may also ask an applicant to pass the AIDS test.

Visas registered by  British American Linguistic Centre  are 3-month single-entry visas. We cannot provide multiple-entry visas, as foreign citizens coming as teachers are allowed only to obtain single-entry visas according to the Russian law. During these three months British American Linguistic Centre makes a contract with you and  prolongs your registration in Samara/Togliatti on the regular basis. After that you get a multiple-entry visa.  


The easiest way to get to Samara is to travel to Moscow first and then to the city where you will work (Samara/Togliatti). Most probably you will arrive at Sheremetjevo-2 airport. You can travel from Moscow by train, which departs from Kazansky Station. Trains: Moscow-Samara, Moscow-Togliatti. The trip costs about $40-80. You may also choose to travel by plane from Sheremetjevo-1 airport. Air tickets cost about $100-200.Your destination is “Samara” airport.


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