British American Language Centre is a network of language schools in Russia.

British American Language Centre takes great pride in its continuing development of the English and Russian languages studies in Russia. British American Language Centre provides the English language instruction for students of all ages and levels of language proficiency and offers student-tailored courses of Russian. British American Language Centre employs native speakers of English from Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States for our English courses and carefully chooses professional linguists as instructors of Russian. The primary aim is to provide superior instruction based on Oxford/Cambridge materials and help establishing the development of Russia’s intellectual and business elite as well as promote understanding and mutual respect between nations.

British American Language Centre is experiencing rapid growth as a result of its growing reputation of a provider of quality language teaching. British American Language Centre has sites in Samara and Togliatti. A lot of the local citizens are eager to learn foreign languages (especially English) as they realize that the future of Russia is irrevocably linked to the European and World markets.

British American Language Centre provides the whole specter of instruction in Russian studies to foreign students. The opportunity to learn the Russian language and culture in a large city like Samara or Togliatti is a unique one. Unlike Moscow, foreigners are still relatively rare and thus, a curiosity: the local citizens are very eager to communicate and you will have no problem in making friends and just finding someone to practice your Russian.

The mutual understanding between our guests and local people is sometimes so striking that at least two English instructors and one student of Russian have met and married Russian natives. The safety and welfare of all foreign students and teachers is reasonably guaranteed as British American Language Centre has taken every precaution necessary to ensure that your visit to Samara will be pleasant and rewarding.

The Faculty and Staff at British American Language Centre.

Our English instructors are carefully selected according to their qualifications and suitability for employment in Russia. They possess both undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as proper certifications and extensive experience of teaching abroad. Due to our rapid expansion, we invite inquiries from highly qualified and experienced instructors. At a minimum, candidates should possess an undergraduate degree, RSA/Trinity or CELTA certification and several years of teaching experience abroad. We offer compensation for travel expenses (paid at the end of the contract in USD), medical insurance and visa support along with a fully furnished, private apartment. What differentiates British American Language Centre from other employers is the camaraderie which the staff and faculty have established and continually strive to improve. “I’m convinced that there is no better place for English instructors to work and hone their skills than British American Language Centre. We are all professionals and we take our jobs very seriously yet we also enjoy working with each other. Management takes good care of us and we reciprocate by providing the highest standard of English instruction available as well as addressing the concerns and needs of every student.” –Garry de Grood (Canada)

The teachers of Russian as a foreign language are professional linguists and educators with diplomas from Russian universities and work experience in other countries. We take pride that our teachers are in possession of both experience and readiness to search for new methods. Our school is acting in accordance with a strict philosophy of teaching (see link).

Due to our high demands to the quality of education we provide the school is officially licensed and maintains its reputation as the cities largest vocational language institution. “As an American Consultant invited to Russia by CDC to talk with Samara business owners about the methods of doing business in the United States, I spent several days with administration, teachers and students at British American Language Centre. I found a very relaxed atmosphere with fun classes that allowed students to freely express themselves. The instructors make it fun. Unlike usual Russian classes that are normally quite serious and quiet, students of all ages – youngest 12 on through 40 or 50 – participated readily with each other and the teacher. For my first visit to Russia, it was a very pleasant experience and made me very comfortable. (By: Bette Lockhart CDC Consultant)

Our History.

Our language school was opened in Samara in February, 1999. It was founded with the help of the Moscow Center for Education “GRINT”; whose approach to education was used as a basis for our own education system. We started as a small school with a friendly atmosphere among the staff and a careful, individual attitude towards the students and now it has all amounted to a whole network of three thousand and a half students who have successfully achieved certificates and regularly come back to further their proficiency in languages. Our experience and authority as an educational institution have been climbing steadily. Upon opening, only one native speaking instructor worked at the school, Mr. Jim McDonald, a highly experienced teacher from Canada. He proceeds to work with us now and his popularity among the students is unsurpassed. As the Volga Centre has evolved into the biggest independent language school in Samara. We are currently employing several native English speaking instructors (John Lasowsky and David Craven, USA, Jim McDonald and Alan Richardson, Canada, Paul Dunn, South African Republic, Lorain Touhy, Ireland) and a wonderful stock of Russian teachers (Luba Tolstova, Olga Fridinskaya, Gula Gasimova, Dasha Mihailova, Anna Yaruskina, Olga Makarova, Katja Evstigneeva, Lena Fomkina, Irena Baskakova, Anna Durzeva, Alexander Bazaev).


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